The importance of clean and quality water for society

Clean and fresh water is the most essential resource for everyone in the world. Our human body contains the most part of water content which is mainly used for sustain the good metabolic activity. The developed countries are hardly concentrated on the pure water to make a healthy environment. To gain the long time better health condition, we need to take clean and quality water which can help to flush out most of the toxic content created in our body. Intake of quality water can avoid the risk of many chronic conditions like bladder problems, kidney stone formation. To minimize the salt creation in our blood, water is main part to control those activities. Many public sectors are having responsible to take necessary action to maintain the quality of drinking water. The water source has been derived from most of the natural resources. But it contains most contaminated particles and micro organisms which can induce many health problems for living things. Water is polluted by the external conditions in natural resources. So the water board commission and other public organizations are taking action to control the pollution and distribute fresh and distillated water for public. The developed countries like United States creating many organizations to save the quality of water. Among that types of water pollution group providing necessary advice to maintain the water sources clean and natural. The pure water is measured as the content should not contain any type of hard minerals and disease created organisms. So the government departments are planning to do water a treatment method which is the action of saving many lives.

The research says that most part of the human diseases is created by the water content which is polluted. So the people need proper awareness to maintain the water in good manner which can be helpful to save our healthy life. To teach importance of water to the community the world health organization conducting world water day. Water is the essential nutrient for the all type of living organisms. To maintain the perfect hydration in human body, one needs to take minimum 3 liters of water per day. The water is polluted in many different ways including domestic and commercial wastages are easily connected with the water sources. This type of contaminated water provides severe health disorders for human as well as other living organisms. The estimation of types of water pollution says that most of the natural water resources in United States are heavily polluted with the toxic chemicals from industries. So they have making more private organization to process the water and regain the clean and quality. This type of water softening methods can be able to avoid the contamination particles from water and make it for domestic usage. Now a day most of the private companies are offering water filtration system for the houses and business premises. So everyone needs to take the responsible to maintain the drinking water in safe condition.

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